My Priorities

These are YOUR priorities - I know this, having worked with you for so long to make Montgomery County better.



Priority #1.  To raise the profile of DISTRICT 2 and Upper Montgomery, so we get the attention we deserve.  I will engage YOU any time important policies are being considered.  I will help YOU get organized politically, appointed to commissions, and tap into the county’s resources.

Priority #2.   To give communities, taxpayers, and local businesses, whose interests have been too long ignored, an EQUAL SEAT AT THE TABLE in policy-making and budgeting.  No more phony citizens commissions.

Priority #3.  To end the CYCLE OF UNCONTROLLED SPENDING, ever-higher taxes and a rush to raise the tax base with mismanaged growth disrupting communities throughout the county. 

Priority #4. To break down the political roadblocks to proven EDUCATION REFORM being used successfully throughout the country, so every child has access to high quality educations that best fits their individualized needs and abilities.

Priority #5.  To ensure that Montgomery County is a place where businesses can flourish and create JOBS, instead of being unfairly saddled with the cost burden of policy agendas, mandates, and government’s best intentions.

Priority # 6.   Together, with You the Community, finally develop a comprehensive, long-term TRANSPORTATION PLAN and common sense GROWTH POLICIES based in transparent, sound analysis.

MDGOP Candidate