Meet Ed

Ed Amatetti, was born in Brooklyn New York, and has been a resident of Montgomery County for more than 30 years.  He and his wife, Sharon, have a son and a daughter who both graduated from Montgomery County public schools.

As a candidate, Ed Amatetti bring meaningful experience in four relevant areas: (1) business and finance; (2) local government operations; (3) K-12 education, as a classroom teacher and in education reform; and (4) significant grassroots and campaign experience.

He has a degree in Economics from Georgetown University (1981) and an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland (1988).  From 1988 to 1999, he was employed in the business consulting firm Vista Consulting Group, first as Economist, and eventually as Vice President and part owner.   He managed the firm’s practice area that conducted comprehensive audits and operations performance reviews of local governments around the country, sometimes staying on for years to help improve their operations and control costs.

Ed Amatetti's second career was in education -- as a middle and high science teacher and in school administration (2003-2009).   He completed coursework for his Administrative 1 certificate.  As a teacher, he accepted assignments in some of the most challenging environments in suburban Maryland and Washington, DC, where he helped less advantaged students to master materials.  Outside the classroom, he sponsored “Students Teaching Students” tutoring programs, and provided resume writing, interviewing skills, and job/internship assistance to high school students.

For more than two decades, he has been an active education reform advocate, including as Founder and Executive Director of the grassroots non-profit New Renaissance In Education (2009-2013).  This experience gave him opportunity to visit some of the most successful schools and school districts in the country and to personally observe what strategies work in classrooms, in schools, and at the policy level.

As a board member of Montgomery County Taxpayers League and Maryland Taxpayers Association, and with colleagues at the Montgomery County Civics Federation Recently, he has long advocated for accountable and responsible government -- looking out for taxpayers and regular citizens.  Through this experience, he has become familiar with the county's operations and budget, and has insights into where the county can cut costs operate more efficiently and improve service.  

He engaged in a campaign with Montgomery County Taxpayers League and others to control WSSC’s costs and make water and sewer rates more equitable and consistent with accepted practices.   He has combed the MCPS budget and helped lead efforts for performance audits of MCPS programs.  He has advocated for controlling Maryland's and Montgomery County's school construction costs which greatly exceed similar jurisdictions and take badly needed resources from the classrooms.   He has testified on numerous other issues.  

In 2014, Ed Amatetti was a candidate for Board of Education.

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