My Priorities

These are YOUR priorities - I know this, having worked with you for so long to make Montgomery County better.


RAISE REVENUES and CREATE JOBS by making our county ATTRACTIVE TO BUSINESS.  I will work to lower the cost and increase the rewards of doing business in Montgomery County in order to bring jobs back and end a decade of economic under-performance.

CONTROL COSTS by eliminating programs and capital projects that have a poor economic return.  My experience with the county's budget demonstrates that there are opportunities to significantly reduce costs. 

Make our county MORE AFFORDABLE to live in by REDUCING TAXES and the cost of buying/building homes, so our police, fire, teachers, and working poor can live where they serve.

FOCUS ON UPPER COUNTY For too long, Clarksburg, Damascus, Germantown, and Montgomery Village have been poorly served by our representatives in Rockville.  Our transportation and education needs have been neglected.  I will raise the profile of DISTRICT 2 and Upper Montgomery, so we get the attention we deserve. 

Introduce EDUCATION REFORM used successfully through the country to raise performance, increase equity, and make REAL PROGRESS closing the achievement gap. This includes improving rigor in curriculum and grading, and focusing on discipline  It also includes school choice, so every child has access to high-performing programs that meets their individual needs.

End policies that undermine PUBLIC SAFETYWe are still a safe county, but we are rapidly going in the wrong direction.

YOUR VOICE  I will work to give regular citizens, taxpayers, local businesses, and communities impacted by county policies whose interests have been too long ignored, an EQUAL SEAT AT THE TABLE in policy-making.  I will work with civics groups.  No more phony citizens commissions. 

MDGOP Candidate