Give Upper Montgomery the attention we deserve!


I will RAISE THE PROFILE of Upper Montgomery County residents in Clarksburg, Damascus, Germantown, Montgomery Village and Darnestown. 

For too long, we have been poorly represented by our elected officials in Rockville.  Our transportation needs have been neglected, giving us the worst commute in the county.  Up County is home to the 10 of the lowest performing schools in the county, and we have the fewest magnet/immersion programs.  Finally public safety is in fast decline in many of our neighborhoods.

I am keenly aware that I have to focus on representing the residents and businesses of District 2 because the rest of the county is already well-represented by other members of the Council.  I will grab my phone and initiate contact with you so are engaged any time important policies are being considered, so they are not fait accompli when they come to your attention.

Further, as Council member, I will:

  • ORGANIZE District 2 politically so our VOICES are heard loud and clear, and we are effective in getting our interests known and acted upon, so we have an EQUAL SEAT AT THE TABLE in the policy-making and budgeting process. 
  • In EDUCATION, I will:
    • Make bringing more magnet/immersion programs to Upper County a top priority for our high-performing students;
    • Increase cooperation with the Montgomery College Bioscience Center to bring college level instruction to our high school  students;
    • Make improving our lowest performing schools a primary objective, by introducing EDUCATION REFORM being used successfully throughout the country to improve performance and close the achievement gap.  This would include  school choice.
  • Fight for TRANSPORTATION policies to reduce traffic congestion and connect Upper Montgomery to places we need to go. 
    • Get M-83 funded
    • Widen I-270
    • Introduce transit solutions that work instead of those tied to political agendas.
  • Bring JOBS to Upper Montgomery by establishing employment centers where we live, so our children and grandchildren can stay in Up County if they choose to do so.
MDGOP Candidate