Jobs and Affordability

The cost of government DOES matter.

The County has an obligation to keep costs, taxes, fees & regulations as low as possible while providing needed services.


Jobs.  We need to make Montgomery County a place that enables businesses to flourish and create jobs.  We are not viewed as business–friendly because of our regulatory mandates, business fees, cumbersome and expensive permitting/planning processes, and high taxes.  Some businesses have permit fees that exceed their profits. That is why so many employers in our county are leaving or considering leaving, and why companies relocating to the Metro area choose Northern Virginia instead of Montgomery County.  

Affordability.  Where we live is becoming increasingly unaffordable.  Our combined state and local income tax is among the highest in the country - and getting worse.  An 8.7% property tax increase that exceeded the County Charter passed the Council unanimously without public debate.  The inefficiency of our County Government is demonstrated by the combination of our high tax base AND high tax rate. 

As Council member, I will

  1. Lower taxes and business fees to make Montgomery County competitive with other states;
  2. Conduct a line-by-line review and economic impact analysis of existing business regulations, benchmarked against other jurisdictions;
  3. Conduct a line-by-line review of business taxes and fees w/ objective to reduce unjustified taxes and fees, and publish the results;
  4. Roll back employee/labor, and other mandates, taxes, and business fees that hinder growth based on the above analyses;
  5. Streamline the permitting and development processes;
  6. Institute COST CONTROLS throughout County government, including:
    • Stringent guidelines for quantifying the costs/benefits of major policies and project;
    • Regular independent performance reviews of departments
    • Auditing of environmental and other compliance costs that are significantly adding to costs
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