Transportation Priorities


1.  Develop a LONG-TERM REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION PLAN for the Montgomery-PG-Frederick-NOVA region, which is long overdue. Our current transportation policies are piecemeal, too short-term, and treat Montgomery County as being unconnected to neighboring jurisdictions.

2.  Prepare our roads for AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES which will impact traffic patterns, parking, lane markings, road sensors, and the economics of competing transportation solutions. Transportation solutions stuck in the 20th century will become quickly obsolete by new technology that are just around the corner.

3.  Make BUILDING M-83 HIGHWAY from Clarksburg to the Shady Grove Metro and the ICC in order to relieve I-270 and provide Damascus/Clarksburg residents passage to points south and east.  It is cost-efficient and badly needed.  This may also be a great opportunity for Montgomery County to build its first major road competely ready for autonomous vehicles.

4.  Implement INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to improve transportation such as:

  • Real time traffic signalization control and adaptive signal technology, which can reduce travel times upwards of 15% according to MDOT;
  • Low-cost or even free Ride-On/Express Bus Service (at an estimated cost of less than $20 million per year), and data driven optimization of current bus transi.

5.  Further study the economics of a Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) from Up County to downcounty.  This is an important transportation option.  (The current proposed CCT does not include sufficiently robust analysis, and does not analyze the possibility of incorporating multiple CCT routes versus the proposed single winding route.)

6.  Study the potential of a significant LIGHT RAIL, including MARC train extensions throughout suburban Maryland, with the objective to build it inexpensively in order to maximize its reach and connections.  Include this study with major Master Plan updates.

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