Amatetti discusses encouraging results of Education Reform

Amatetti discusses Montgomery County school performance

Amatetti discusses Maryland school performance

Amatetti Declares Candidacy for District 2 Council Seat


“A Republican is going to win District 2 this year,” said Ed Amatetti while declaring his intention to run for the District 2 seat on the Montgomery County Council in the 2018 elections. Amatetti announced his candidacy on Saturday afternoon to a group of about 50 fellow Republicans at a meeting held at the Gaithersburg Public Library.

MoCo Council candidate closing the gap on qualifying for public funding


Amatetti says he’s tapped friends, work colleagues and acquaintances made through taxpayers groups and has received contributions from Democrats and Republicans alike. He’s also visited numerous Republican Women’s clubs in the county where he’s told members, “You have a chance to make a difference.”

MDGOP Candidate